Clerisy Press

Based in the Midwest, Clerisy Press publishes books in the sports, business, travel, personal growth, and paranormal categories.  Crosley: Two Brothers and the Business Empire that Transformed the Nation, the third title published by Clerisy, appeared on The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestseller lists.  Four years later, The B2B Executive Playbook also claimed a spot on the Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestseller lists.  Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall was picked as one of the Top 100 Business Books of All Time by 800 CEO READS.  Clerisy Press rapidly established itself as a Midwest trade publisher with a nonfiction list focused on regional interests, sports, travel, history,  and entertainment. Its success was due in part to the strategic advantage of working much more closely with their authors than major trade houses do, and emphasis on grassroots promotion keyed to specific subjects, specialty retailers, and publications.