About Keen Communications

A powerful opportunity exists to serve a growing audience of active people interested in pursuing appreciative, generous, and fulfilling lives.  Drawing on the extensive experience of our staff and our awareness of the industry, the marketplace, and the world at large, we have shaped a unique vision and mission for a company that serves our readers and authors.

What’s curious about publishing is that we’re often best known for one of our titles or a specific author; frankly, those are our priorities as well.  It’s not wildly different than a sports league: first, you know your favorite players, then the team they play on (in our case, that’s our imprints), and last but not least, the overall conference.

The Keen teams include Wilderness Press, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2017; Menasha Ridge Press, founded in 1982; the Unofficial Guides, which started publication in 1983; the Nature Study Guides, which have been around for decades; Clerisy Press, commencing in 2006; and our newest addition, Coconut Press.

This lineup makes Keen the parent company for some of the best-selling travel and adventure books in the United States, delivering to readers and enthusiasts the best in travel content and location information available.

By listening to our customers, we realized how important health and wellness is to our readers. That’s why Keen has launched Keen Wellness, to help address the growing need for strong content in helping people to lead healthy and active lives.